Art Düsseldorf

Art Düsseldorf presents post-war and contemporary art at the highest international level. From 12 – 14 April 2024 at Areal Böhler




12 – 14 April 2024


Art Düsseldorf brings high-quality modern, contemporary and emerging art from galleries based in the Rhineland, Germany and Benelux countries, as well as international big-name players.

Hosted at the Areal Böhler since 2017, the former steel factory allows for an unparalleled atmosphere for art lovers through its halls awash with daylight and the architectural remains of the old steelworks.

Art Düsseldorf is dedicated to choosing galleries that will showcase art catered for collectors in the region, as well as educating international collectors interested in the history of Düsseldorf’s art scene and the regional ‘DNA’. Galleries are carefully selected each year.